To go beyond

Our business goes beyond the delivery of the products ordered. We listen to and consider each of our client’s problems in order to assist them and anticipate their needs.

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To work fast and hard

When a client or associate needs us, to work fast and hard is and always has been a true philosophy at DMG. Every day, we question ourselves and we reposition our business to track the changes in the market as closely as possible. Our values are traditional and our work is state-of-the-art and constantly evolving.

Commitment and respect

Commitment and honoring our word are the values that we bring to our work every day. As much as we continue to position our company in increasingly cutting-edge commercial markets and honor our business agreements with our suppliers and clients, we also consider the commitments we make to our employees in order to compensate every individual’s work fairly and to ensure their job security and success.

Efficiency and Risk Management

Efficient and meticulous, DMG has a unique appreciation for excellence. As a result, we have implemented an HACCP system based on risk analysis encompassing all of our activities. Together with our artisan and industrial suppliers, we monitor the microbiological quality of the products we distribute. Our upstream and downstream traceability is tested daily which allows for a rapid guarantee of food safety.

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Our reward...

It's our client satisfaction !


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